Create and manage joint accounts in minutes from your mobile device

- Escrow services for B2B/B2C transactions.
- Joint accounts for organisations, associations, clubs, social media groups and families.


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Now associations, groups, clubs, families, social media groups and even friends can operate a digital joint account with ease.


Transact with peace of mind

  • offers a secure platform for any sort of business transaction to happen. We provide both parties with the equal rights to digitally sign a transaction before funds are released to any party.


Your business transactions are much safer with Konfam escrow services.

  • Fraudulent business transactions and bad debts have crippled many businesses.
  • Substandard products have been fraudulently sold to genuine customers causing loss of money.
  • Businesses have closed because trust was broken and debts accrue.
  • The fear of these risks alone has hindered a lot of genuine prospective business transactions.
  • To solve these problems, offers a safe platform with which business can be conducted in a lawful and transparent way.

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At signup, a wallet is assigned to every customer for personal savings. In the event of a conflict in a transaction, the customer's money is credited to his or her wallet after resolution. call centre will be available between the hours of 8am and 6pm on work days. However, other channels of communication (emails and Whatsapp) will be available 24/7. Our team can be reached at any time via our various contact channels, including our social media handles. is owned by NOVALUX IDEAS LTD, a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Any organisation, association, group, social media group that wants to run a seamless joint account system that allows 2 to 5 signatories to sign digitally before funds are removed from their joint account. Any group that find it stressful to converge to sign cheques before money is withdrawn from their bank account. Buyers (whether online or offline) should use whenever they are asked to validate their order by making full payment before their order is delivered or service rendered. Vendors should use to be certain that the buyer has the funds for the transaction to begin with, and that the buyer is not mischievous or fraudulent. Vendors are also guaranteed that they will be paid in full.

Our customer's funds are warehoused by Parkway Microfinance Bank also known as (Readycash), and are protected with bank's standard security measures. We also leverage on the best security infrastructures to provide extra layers of security of customer data.

Not yet, but we are working on that and will go public with the news when we have the capacity to perform such function. For now, we are only dealing in Naira denominated transactions.

Our very robust conflict resolution team which involves financial and legal advisers have designed conflict resolution models specifically for Our model exhausts all legal avenues to settle financial conflicts amicably while advising our clients on better ways to avoid subsequent conflicts. Kindly check our terms and conditions for our conflict resolution models.

Through our records, we are able to provide advises and tips to clients who seem to have issues successfully transacting honest and accountable businesses. However, if a customer is seen to be deliberately trying to be dishonest, we might suspend or blacklist the person. A suspended client may be barred from transacting on for a specified period. A blacklisted customer may be barred indefinitely from transacting on platform.

At Konfam, we offer a secure platform that allows two to five people to setup and run a joint account from anywhere in the world using their mobile device. We provide all parties equal rights to digitally sign all transactions before funds are released.

We only have a flat rate of N100 as transfer charges.

Konfam is available for all devices

* Coming soon on iPhone, iPad devices